Congratulations to Josh Williams for winning the 2016 Ray Aldridge aggregate. With the title already decided before the last points race for the year Josh was able to relax with and did not race today and left the battle for the minor placings to unravel. With only a small field for the last race only 6 of the 13 riders in contention for 2nd & 3rd placings showed up and with absolutely no wind, 2 scratch riders and near perfect riding conditions it had all the signs for limit riders to get up.  John Bell and Gavin Gamble secured first and second respectively in today’s racing which elevated both riders into second and third positions overall for the aggregate.


Well done to all riders who competed thru out the year and as many will testify with greater depth of riding numbers (averaged 40 riders per race) each week you never knew what to expect from riders in your bunch.


So until next year when we do it all again take care out there and see you in 2017

2016 Ray Aldridge aggregate standings

1st Josh Williams – 38 pts from 14 races – 1st x 1, 2nd x 3, 4th x 1, and 9 starts11782523_1021808031162614_204023157603380756_o






14324605_1284136861596395_7619994446151361717_o-22nd John Bell – 31 pts from 15 races – 1st x 2, 3rd x 1, and 12 starts





14570551_1316662111677203_8625174597346024963_o-13rd Robbie Southern – 29 pts from 17 races – 3rd x 1, 4th x 2, 5th x 1, and 13 starts





14324605_1284136861596395_7619994446151361717_o-33rd Gavin Gamble – 29 pts from 11 races – 2nd x 3, 4th x 1 and 7 starts







4th Mandy Hosking – 28 pts from 16 races and Dave Warren – 28 pts from 14 races

5th Chris Fenech – 27 pts from 16 races,