Great rides from Johnny Parrello & Tina Stenos on Saturday finishing 2nd & 5th at the Eastern Vets Open Handicap.

1st David Smith Northern 24.00 min.
2nd Johnny Parrello Geelong 24.00 min.
3rd John Hasorous Northern 24.00 min.
4th David Worland Eastern 24.00 min.
5th Tina Stenos Geelong 24.00 min.
6th David McCormack Eastern 24.00 min.
7th Bernie Evans Eastern 24.00 min.
8th Neil Cartledge Eastern 29.00 min.
9th Adam Dymond N Northern 24.00 min.
10th Steven Foster Eastern 12.00 min.
FT Jay Phillpotts Eastern Scratch

Winners Time 1:47:45, an average speed of 33.52 kph
Fastest Time 1:26:35, an average speed of 41.7 kph