Supervets faced up to a three lap handicap on Wednesday December 3. Rain in the pre-race period had wet the circuit and continued to be showery for most of the race. Andrew Thornton and John Watson led the field away and used their seven minute gap to advantage managing to keep the chasing bunches at bay. Unfortunately the two man challenge did not last with Andrew Thornton puncturing on Forrest Road on the last lap. John Watson battled on and was able to keep distance between himself and the strong chasing group of Gordon Spargo, Barry Primmer, John Bell, Ian Sumner, Terry Robinson and Ross West. With two kilometres to go and the field closing in John was able to hang on and win by a short margin.

Results: 1. J Watson, 2. G Spargo, 3. B Primmer, 4. J Bell, 5. T Robinson, 6. I Sumner, 7. R West, 8. N Brown, 9. L Fitzsimons, 10. B Clay.

Fastest time: N Brown – 1.01.26.

Next week’s race will be a three lap handicap event and following our last race on December 17 we will recess until Wednesday January 14.