On November 11 Supervets held a three lap circuit race on the Paraparap track. A field of 19 riders participated under favourable conditions despite a south-easterly wind which afforded some relief on two sides of the course. The limit riders Kent Fuller, Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings led the field off with a twenty minute advantage to scratch. They were four minutes in front of Ian Sumner and John Randall. The chasing group of Terry Robinson, Barry Primmer and John Watson had the challenge before them eight minutes back. Interestingly scratch today comprised a bunch of four riders Peter Ladd, Laurie Fitzsimons, Gordon Spargo and Peter McWaters, all of whom have performed well in past weeks. However, they were giving four minutes to Tina Stenos, David Phillips, Kim Clarke and Ray Clifford all of whom were up to the challenge. However, the front sixteen and twenty minute riders were up to this task and Ian Sumner and John Randall took the lead in the last lap and Dale Jennings and Kent Fuller remained in contention. Meanwhile the middle-markers comprising Tina Stenos, David Phillips and Ray Clifford formed a bunch with Barry Primmer and John Watson in an attempt to claim the lead. Tina Stenos broke from this group up misery lane and alone challenged the leaders. Unfortunately the gap proved too much to bridge and John Randall, Ian Sumner and Kent Fuller took out the honours.

Results: 1. J Randall, 2. I Sumner, 3. K Fuller, 4. D Jennings, 5. T Stenos, 6. R Clifford, 7. B Primmer, 8. J Watson.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.3.26. Winner’s time: J Randall – 1.17.7.

Next week’s race will be a three lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.