On Wednesday 1 October Supervets rode a 37 kilometre race on the Paraparap circuit. The conditions were breezy from the north-west and some rain was encountered during the race. Poor fields plague us at the moment, so all you Supervets not racing come and join us of a Wednesday now that the winter is passing. Wednesday’s race once again favoured the middle groups who with sufficient time and pace were able to keep the backmarkers at bay. Consistent riding from Jeremy Tatchell, Gordon Spargo, Chris Colley and Barry Primmer caught and took charge of the 18 and 12 minute markers in the third lap. John Bell, Tony Spark and John Watson were able to stay with the pace-markers Jeremy Tatchell and Gordon Spargo and to go on and feature in the finish. David Pike finished a creditable eighth and fastest time;

Results: 1. J Tatchell, 2. J Watson, 3. J Bell, 4. T Spark, 5. B Primmer, 6. G Spargo, 7. C Colley, 8. D Pike.

Fastest time: David Pike – 1.04.50.

Next week’s race will be three laps. Entries by 9.30 please.

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