We had a great turn out for our first race of the season with Good numbers to all grades. 4 laps abc grades 3 laps d grade finish in Larcombes. The usual south Westerly got stronger throughout the race.

A Grade had a solid field of eight. The number 1 rider of the day Dave Warren started off the attacks and made one stick up Forrest rd the second time splitting the field into two groups. Dave, Anthony Selpolt, Steve Young & Nick brown stayed together to the end with Dave gaping the rest in one last attack. Anthony and Nick caught Dave before the finish. Kane Airey, Tony French, Daryl Suter and Harvey Lang put in a solid effort for the remainder of the race together.

1st Anthony Seipolt , 2nd Nick Brown, 3rd Dave Warren

The B grade riders were dispatched and started at a moderate pace just happy to ride their legs in, until the second lap when Neil Maurer attacked opening up a small gap on the bunch. The bunch seemed happy to leave him out there over the next two laps. This created some individual attacks from Shane Korth, Peter Ladd, David Spence and Mark Cummings trying to bridge the gap. Just as the race was entering its final one and a half laps Shane Korth broke a spoke forcing him out of the race. The race now becoming more tactical with a lot of riders just biding their time for the sprint. David Spence led the group up Hendy Main Rd towards the finish. Jim Knott jumped away first in the sprint with Mark Cummings covering his wheel with Carl Judd behind him. In the race to the line Carl Judd narrowly beat Mark Cummings with David Spence finishing fast for third place. By Chris Judd

B Grade

1st Carl Judd 2nd Mark Cummins 3rd David Spence.

C grade

1st Frank Gaseric 2nd Phillip Preston 3rd Paul Ryan.

9 riders set off on their first race of the season with the usual excuses of the Flu and I have put on 4 kilos over Christmas or I have not been riding at all

Tactics were in play with the pace up and down over the first 3 laps until Barry (Pussie) Clay came to the front approaching the Lacombes finish Line and said why is the pace slow. This is the finish coming up. The answer was yes and go for it.

He was disappointed when we continued on to the 4th lap.

And the pace picked up to shake it up at that time too.

Final stretch up Misery Lane with a quick attack past the club rooms which was reeled in and the group settled in for a bunch finish sprint.

Until the Out of Form Dennis Sonogan slingshot past the whole group 200 metres before Lacombes Rd and put everyone in the red trying to catch him up Lacombes Rd.

Frankie (I have put on 4 kilos) lead Phil Preston across the line by half a bike with Paul Ryan in 3rd place.

Barry (Pussie) Clay peaked on the 3rd lap.

A enjoyable ride by all those involved. By Phil Preston

D grade

1st Daryl Peterson 2nd John Bell 3rd Chris Shay.

The D-Grade Dance : New Rider Perspective.

Like Alberto Contadore (El Pistolero) the D-graders drew pedals at 9.00 (well, a few minutes later: it was the first shoot out for the year). With two new boys on board (Chris Shay and myself) the wheelmen of D-land set off in a measured calm pace for the first lap.

This is the first time I have ridden in an experienced group of more than two (one good reason for joining the club) and I was made to feel most welcome with handshakes and hellos pre-race and mentoring throughout the race – thanks to Richard Buckwell in particular, for guidance on the art of rotating the lead.

The pace picked up as the kms ticked over and feeling I had plenty of energy to go much faster on the last lap I went hard and broke away on Grays Rd. But by the time I hit Misery Lane and into the wind the lactic had built up and I’d lost my power. I was overtaken near the Larcombes turn off with Daryl Peterson on his stunning Colnago taking out first (most deservedly after he apparently dragged the pack back up to me). Richard Buckwell was a close second and Chris Shay found the extra power down the finish straight to overtake me within sight of the line to finish third.  Very close behind was Doug Wilson who deserves a special commendation for riding his first race since fracturing his hip. The other riders to make up the field were John Bell and Terry Robinson (the self-professed D grade specialist).

Next time I wont burn too many matches before hitting “Misery Lane” with a strong westerly. I foolishly went too early partly due the excitement of this being my first race – I was keen to feel I had “put in” and I was lulled into a false sense of security by the relative ease of the peleton in the earlier laps (we actually averaged >32 km/h), but all the guys did a significantly faster last half lap I’d say. I was also curious to just feel how strong the other riders and myself were. Last but not least, for what motivated my failed breakaway, was the factor of sheer youthful exuberance (lol).

Thanks D graders for a great introduction and the club in general for making me feel welcome. I enjoyed the company and the dance around the bitumen. I will be back for more. By Gavin Gamble

Next week Australia Day HC 9.00am start entries to Dave Robinson. Lamington and pies for lunch!