A very good field of 40 riders today including 12 new trial riders were prepared and excited to give road racing a go. The format today was a sealed handicap of 46km out and back Forest Rd plus 1 lap. The wind was blowing from the southeast which grew stronger during the race.

The first 3 kilometers where under race control led by Paul Bird which gave everyone a bit more of a warm up after the race briefing. As soon as the start flag was released the race was on the go with a very solid start by Anthony Seipolt the #1 rider of the day. The field was split into a few groups the first time up forest Rd hill with a large group of 25 riders sitting on the scratch riders and a consistant second group of Paul Bird, Lance Rogers, Dennis Sonogan, Phil Preston, Daryl Peterson and a few of the new riders, Felix Figaira, Andrew Booth and Nigel Pearson working well together.

In the front group there were multiple attacks out and back along forest road from Kane Airey, Dave Warren, Anthony Siepolt and Neil Maurer. This group including new riders John Chomley, David Thornton, Stuart Smith and Wilko Crammer, Chris Ward and Shane Aitken were too even and not willing for any further breakaways with a lot of the middle markers sitting on. Ian Amsden decided to do some cyclo cross in the gravel and also came across a local kangaroo while going off road, thankfully he safely made it back onto the bunch and wasnt far off the front for the rest of the race. The faster riders were tiring with all the efforts trying to brake up this bunch. It took till the last time on Greys Rd for this to happen with Tony French setting up the break and joined with Harvey Lang and Nick Oakley. These three road very will together extending the gap with no real co-heasion within the chasers group. Kane and Dave gave one more effort up misery lane to catch the leaders with no luck. Tony French timed his sprint very well to take fastest time. Well done to the only female and new rider Moira Kairys for comleting the course on her own in very good time after missing the jump at the start.

After the handicappers studied the finishing times and handicapping, Ian Amsten won on the adjusted times with a very good and smart ride. Well done Ian. 2nd Darren Williams, 3rd Chris Fenech, 4th Neil Maurer, 5th David Spence, 6th Harvey Lang, 7th Shane Korth, 8th Gavin Gamble, 9th Daryl Peterson, 10th Dennis Sonogan.

Stuart Smith was first home for the new riders, with Chris Ward Second and John Chomley third and Moira for the women. Thanks to Beretta Bike Studio for the vouchers for the new rider placings.

Well done to all for a great day. Thanks to Richard Lyle for all your work in getting the idea of the new rider day off the ground, Diane Howdan for your excelent photos again, handicappers for working the out the race, Dave Phillips the refereee, all the marshals making anothe safe race and all the new riders to make the event happen. Hope to see you all out ot the club racing soon.

Next sunday handicap race 9am start with the voting in of the new constitution afterwards