An element of racing that some folk at GVCC have down to a fine art is How to Position Yourself for a Sprint.

This is a crucial element to getting good results, and while the  below covers some tips on this  the reality is that the best way to improve is to learn on race day.

  • Know the finish – uphill, downhill, corners?
  • Wind direction – dictates which side is best to sprint from or how early or late to time your sprint
  • Break or Bunch – size of the bunch will dictate positioning
  • Know who else is contesting the sprint – who’s your main competitor or look for a good wheel to follow
  • Know your ability – use your strength to your advantage
  • Head up, watch where you’re going and let rip!

Most importantly sprint finishes are often where crashes occur so stay safe and  remember we’re not racing for sheep stations here. Keep the VVCC rules around finishes in mind, specifically:

  • Unless otherwise advised keep to the left hand side of the road
  • Sprint in a straight line
  • No victory salutes


Further details on the Racesmart video