June 4th sees the 2017 edition of the Hendry Cycles Combine Handicap. This years course is out and back Blackgate rd, out and back Forest rd and finishing in Larcombes rd (A). Please bring transponders

GVCC/GSCC Hendry Cycles Results
Results: First and fastest Tony Luppino (Colac) 1:41:32 (ave 39.2 km/hr), 2. Richard Lyle, 3. Anthony Siepolt, 4. Eddy Ziedaitis, 5. Robbie Southern, 6. Rick Buckwell, 7. Damian Luppino (Colac), 8. Johnny Parrello, 9. Josh Williams, 10. Kelvin Dyson. First Lady Tina Stenos
1st T.Robinson (2:00:36 Ave 29.9), 2nd C.Shay, 3rd R.West, 4th F.Gasperic, 5th J.Stuart, 6th V.Haveaux, 7th J.Parello, 8th J.Robinson, 9th D.Williams, 10th B.Clay. Fastest time G.Wearmouth (1:36:56 Ave 37.1)
1st Brett Worrell (w) 35kmh, 2nd Dennis Sonnogan (g), 3rd Phillip Preston (g), 4th Gerrard Hickey (c), 5th Paul Allen (c), 6th Garry Legg (c) 7th James Stuart (g), 8th Len Murfett (c), 9th Terry Noonan (w), 10th Peter Theodore (c). Fastest time Nick Kennedy (c) 41kmh
1st J.Hilsdon (1:44:30 Ave 32.79), 2nd P.Bird, 3rd I.Sumner, 4th R.West, 5th J.Bell, 6th T.Gray, 7th M.Hosking, 8th R.Nicholls, 9th G.Rogers, 10thD.Warren, f/t T.Mirabella (1:33:56 Ave 36.55)
(35th GVCC Anniversary Race)
1st Chris Fennech 11:00 G Time 1:16:35 Avg 36.8km/h
2nd Paul Bird 11:00 G
3rd Carl Leahy 11:00 G
4th Andrew Baker 11:00 G
5th Len Murffit 13:30 C
6th James Stuart 11:00 G
7th Tony Spark 13:30 G
8th Brian Long 17:00 G
9th Dennis Sonogan 13:30 G
10th Rex Comb 11:00 C
Fastest Time Steven Young Scratch G Time 1:09:41 Avg 40.46km/h

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