Hendry Cycles Handicap Race Sunday June 21
Hendry Cycles in their 40th year continues a long history of supporting the GSCC road races in 2015.
Fine but very cold conditions greeted the 47 riders at Paraparap for five laps of the 60 kilometre Hendy Main Road course. Cold conditions meant times were going to be slow, as the handicapper set the strong scratch group a task, allowing the limit riders a start of 30 minutes. The limit riders capitalized on this riding the entire race on their own at a consistent pace with Terry Robinson take the win. After losing Ian Sumner, Terry worked smooth turns with his co-markers Chris Shay and Ross West to hold off the chasing field of riders.
Out on the road the next group of riders making the biggest impact was the 15 minute group of Darren Williams, Robin Smith, Barry Clay, Frank Gasperic, Vincent Haveaux and Johnny Parrello who gobbled up the 19 minute four man group of Andrew Booth, Paul Bird, Joe Gulino and James Stuart along Forest Road on the third lap. This large group combined well to drag in the fractured 22 minute group before the fourth lap losing riders along the way, but keeping the pace high enough to hold off the combined 10 and 6½ minute groups. The scratch group of Gary Wearmouth, Xavier Coppock, Adrian Copeland, Paul Beretta and Rick Buckwell couldn’t generate enough speed to be in contention. Xavier was not having his best day, catching a few dropped riders and having the remnants of the 2nd scratch group in view around the last lap.
Trophies were presented by Steve Draper from Hendry Cycles.
T.Robinson (2:00:36 Ave 29.9), C.Shay, R.West, F.Gasperic, J.Stuart, V.Haveaux, J.Parello, J.Robinson, D.Williams, B.Clay.
Fastest time G.Wearmouth (1:36:56 Ave 37.1)

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