Sunday July 6 saw 27 racing cyclists negotiate four laps of a rain lashed Paraparap circuit, a total distance of 49 kilometres. The tough conditions demanded smooth riding and none were better than the 16 minute group. John Hilsdon, Ross West, Phillip Preston and Tina Stenos consistently swapped silky smooth turns to easily reel in the limit riders and hold off the five chasing groups. In the sprint to the new finish line in Larcombes road John Hilsdon was gifted a beautiful lead out from Phil Preston to record his first win of the year.

With a lap to go the race was wide open. The scratch riders of Rick Buckwell, Richard Lyle, Andrew Goodwin, Jeff Miller and Barry Howden were five minutes behind the leaders having collected the second scratch group and the four and eight minute groups. The 12 minutes group of Dennis Sonogan, Jim Knott and Paul Bird had lost Dave Phillips but had the leaders in sight flying down Grays road with the tailwind. All their efforts were in vain though as the 16 minute crossed the finish line a minute ahead of the chasing 12 minute group. This group had been caught by Rick Buckwell who had taken a flyer off the front of the chasing peloton.


J.Hilsdon 1:33:43 Ave 31.46, R.West, P.Preston, T.Stenos, J.Knott, D.Sonogan, R.Buckwell f/t 1:18:48 Ave 37.46, P.Bird, B.Howden, C.Leahy.