23-10-14. Thursday Crit race 2014-15 criterium race season.
With the usual southerly blowing and some very hot and determined racing made another great Thursday night. Three grades doing 35, 30 and 25 minutes + 2 laps.

A Grade had a very fast and tough race averaging over 38km/h with lots of attacks and riders getting away off the front. Rick Buckwell worked on getting the biggest lead with about 10 minutes to go. The rest of the bunch worked hard together and caught Rick with a lap and a half to go. Andrew Baker then got off the front making a very hard chase over the last lap and only being past in the final sprint to the finish line by Kane and Paul.

B Grade. David Spence thought he would start the fun with the first attack but blew up not long after. Then Carl Leahy and new riders Simon Whitcher and Darryl Sutter made a good brake from the rest of the bunch. With Marcus Coppock and Carl Judd doing there best to make the catch with no reward. Carl, Darryl and Simon stayed away for a well fought sprint finish with Darryl taking the win.

C & D Grade rode very solid averaging 34.7km They stayed together for most the race. Joe Gulino kept the pace high over the last two laps. Then Jim Knott started the sprint before the last corner and held on to win from Phil Preston and Paul Ryan.

A Grade:
1st Kane Airey, 2nd Paul Baretta, 3rd Andrew Baker. Other riders: Tony French, Dave Warren and Rick Buckwell.
B Grade:
1st Darryl Sutter, 2nd Simon Whitcher, 3rd Carl Leahy. Other riders: Carl Judd, Marcus Coppock, Mandy Hosking, David Spence, Peter McDonough.
C & D Grade:
1st Jim Knott, 2nd Phil Preston, 3rd Paul Ryan. Other riders: Joe Gulino, Barry Clay, John Hilsdon, Darren Williams, Phil Robinson

6pm register for 6.30 start next Thursday night, some more D Grade riders would be great. Sir Richard Buckwell will be mixing up the racing over the next few weeks. Thanks again Richard.
The Hendry Cycling sponsored combine race this Sunday 26th at Paraparap for a 10am start. If you are coming please bring a plate. If you haven’t entered please let Dave Robinson know today (24th) , he might still be taking late entries if you are nice and lucky.