With the weather slowly turning around the clubs spring carnival of racing programme begins to hot up as well with the next two months providing good quality racing

  • Sept 24 – club aggregate racing 57 km
  • Oct 1 – no club race but Colac are hosting the Red Rock Classic (just remember this is after AFL GF)
  • Oct 8 – club aggregate racing 65 km. (warm up for the club open)
  • Oct 14 – Camperdown to Warrnambool 72 km (this is a saturday race and there is no club racing on the sunday)
  • Oct 22 – club aggregate racing 56 km
  • Oct 29 – Geelong open 65 km
  • Nov 5 – Club 40th Anniversary combine 63km
  • Nov 7 – Supervets Melbourne Cup handicap 38 km
  • Nov 12 – Age group Scratch racing

We had a slight hiccup with the race calendar recently but everything is now back on line, so for more info check out the great racing that is coming your way