On Jun 10 Supervets raced three laps of the Paraparap circuit under near perfect conditions despite the winter chills. A field of twenty riders were underway led by Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield with a 25 minute gap to scratch. Mel White and John Randall followed from 17 minutes and a promising group of Ian Sumner, Ross West, Barry Primmer and Terry Robinson had a 4 minute lead to the middle-markers Gary Legg and Kim Clarke. There were no surprises in the first lap but as the race progressed the 12 minute group were working well and showing signs of taking charge. Leaders of the 8 minute bunch were making good time, namely, Kim Clarke, Gary Legg and Robert Young and were advancing on the leaders towards the end of the second lap. The remaining back-markers were losing ground and not working well together, however, David Pike and Peter Ladd were an encouraging pair and supported one another from the rear of the field. In the final lap the 8 and 12 minute bunches grouped together and Gary Legg made a strong break over the Forrest Road hill establishing a forty metre gap and was never challenged by his fellow riders. He went on to win from Kim Clarke who fought hard to overtake Gary followed closely by Robert Young, Ray Clifford and Barry Primmer.

Results: 1. G Legg, 2. K Clarke, 3. R Young, 4. R Clifford, 5. B Primmer, 6. D Sonogan, 7. R West, 8. J Bell.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.03.10 (av. 35.7 kph)

Next week’s race will be a normal handicap event over three laps. This race will incorporate a special feature honouring our Supervets who are over 80 and still racing strongly. We are hoping they will all be in attendance and be supported by a strong race of younger riders.