A very windy night for the crit races at Belmont tonight. All the grades were broken up at some time during the racing due to the strong southerly blowing and well timed attacks.

A Grade: 1st Paul Beretta, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Joe Daly + Kane Airey, Tony French, Mike Jelenko, Stephen Richards, Dave Warren

B Grade: 1st Carl Leahy, 2nd Jim Knott, 3rd Ian Amsten + Marcus Coppock, Barry Howdan, Vincent Hauveax, Andy, Schep

C/D Grade: 1st Paul Bird, 2nd David Phillips, 3rd Neil Maurer, + Keith Dorling, Mandy Hosking, Vince Trotter, Mick Barnes.

Well done to all, thanks to Colin, Paul and Richard for helping out tonight. A reminder to all don’t raise your hands up off the bars when finishing or you will be disqualified, Phil Preston!

Good luck to all those competing in the half Ironman in Geelong on Sunday

C5204 C5208 C5213