On Wednesday September 23, 25 keen riders took to the Paraparap circuit for a three lap handicap event in fine weather but quite a strong breeze from the south, altering the usual race parameters. Leading the way were Kent Fuller, Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield. They had a 25 minute gap to scratch. It was very pleasing to see so many out-markers competing bolstering up the front of the field and presenting a real challenge for the back-markers. There were three strong chasing groups mainly the five, eight and eleven minute bunches. The scratch and two minute bunches comprised six very strong riders who on the day were up to the challenge and did not disappoint. David Pike, Roger Cronk and Rob Nicholls joined Terry Collie, Peter McWaters and Tina Stenos who led the way through the field. The eight, eleven and thirteen minute groups were making good time but were not coming together and in the third lap were over taken by the chasers. Meanwhile the leaders of the day were Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield. These two were in front for the entire race and remained unchallenged. Kent ran over the line ahead of Ken from David Pike in third place. Five riders followed close on the heels of the place-getters and fine rides were recorded for Tina Stenos and Roger Cronk.
Results: 1. K Fuller, 2. K Mansfield, 3. D Pike, 4. T Collie, 5. R Cronk, 6. B Clay, 7. P McWaters, 8. T Stenos.

Fastest time: D Pike – 1.02.48, Winner’s time – 1.26.14.

Next week’s race will be three lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.