A strong field of 40 riders assembled at Paraparap on Sunday December 14 for the final race of the season, the John Windsor Christmas Handicap. John was a long time member and great supporter of the Geelong Veteran Cycling Club. John’s family continue supporting the club by sponsoring this race in his honour.

Ideal conditions with a light wind favoured the lone limit rider Brian Long and the sixteen minute group, but the strength was with the middle markers particularly the seven minute group of Jim Knott, Atilla Harangozo, Brian Weppner, Phil Preston, Barry Clay and Frank Gasperic. This group powered through the 9:30, 11:30 and 16 minute bunches picking up any riders who could hold on. It was new rider Frank Gasperic who was the quickest at the finish to record his maiden race win.

The three chasing groups had all come together on the final ascent of the Forest Road hill with the combined scratch and two minute groups catching the four and a half minute group. This group powered along Grays road sensing a chance of victory. Perhaps thinking too much about the Christmas BBQ after the race, the impetus went out of the group on misery lane three kilometers from the finish and they ultimately failed by twelve seconds to catch the winner. Richard Lyle took out fastest time in this prestigious event.


1st Frank Gasperic 1:17:00, 2. Jim Knott, 3. Paul Ryan, 4.Barry Clay, 5. Brian Weppner, 6. Dave Phillips, 7. Phil Preston, 8. Atilla Harangozo, 9. Johnny Parrello, 10. Richard Lyle

Fastest time Richard Lyle 57:12 (40.4kph)

Another year’s road racing draws to close with road racing to resume at Paraparap on January 18.