GVCC members acquitted themselves well over the weekend at major two events taking advantage of the excellent early spring conditions.

The VVCC 63km Eureka Open was held in near perfect conditions made for a very fast paced race.
A large bunch, including the 11:30, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26:30 minute bunches, had formed 7kms from the finish…this made for exciting viewing from the finish line. Riders were given the whole width of the road and they needed every inch, as they made their dash for the line.
Emilio Romano started things off early, going for it 800 metres from the line. Nick Oakley made a desperate bid to secure his wheel but wore himself out in the chase. Gaps were left wide open at 300 metres, for those itching to go. In contention Geelong’s Neil Maurer, Carl Judd, Nick, Marcus Coppock, Dave Phillips and Mandy Hosking. Mandy, who’d been patiently waiting to pounce, came off Nick’s wheel and looked to have the race sawn up, but Terry Duggan snuck out from behind her to claim victory by a wheel.
Great result by the Geelong Vets and a very well run race by both the VVCC and Eureka Vets.
Final results…
1st: Terry Duggan (Northern)
2nd: Mandy Hosking (Geelong)
3rd: Brad Eppingstall (Eureka)
4th: Carl Judd (Geelong)
5th: Emilio Romano (Northern)
6th: David Peters (Eureka)
7th: Gary Dolan (Colac)
8th: Neil Maurer (Geelong)
9th: Peter Parnaby (Grampians)
10th: Nick Oakley (Geelong)
Fastest time: Nick Kennedy (Colac)

Full Results

Mean while 5,000 competitors enjoyed the similarly perfect conditions and fully closed roads for the 2014 Amy’s Gran Fondo. The course, over 110kms with almost 1,800m of climbing,  awaited on the start line at Lorne.

Standout ride for GVCC was from Eddy Ziedaitis who came in 6th place (out of 360!) in his age group and Qualified for the UCI Amateur Road World Championships in 2015.


Kane Airey 100th 3:27:13


Richard Lyle 37th 3:11:00    Qualified for WC

Brad Haskett 45th 3:13:22   Qualified for WC

David Warren         3:25:02

Carl Leahy               3:30:51


Eddy Ziedaitis 6th  3:12:20  Qualified for WC

Phillip Preston was a DNF due to a mechanical

Well done to all GVCC members over the weekend.

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