On Wednesday October 22 Supervets raced for the Don Sutherland trophy over three laps of the Paraparap circuit. The day was fine and warm with a light breeze from the north west. This near perfect day provided ideal conditions for a keenly contested trophy race. The mid-markers once again did not disappoint with Gordon Spargo, Phil Preston and John Hilsdon making good their opportunities early in the third lap. They bridged the gap to the twelve minute bunch now swelling with riders from the front marks and included Mel White, Terry Robinson, John Bell, Ian Sumner and John Watson. Tony Spark also joined this group. As the pace quickened this group broke up into two bunches with the leaders picking up the pace and those able to match them were few. Brian Long who to this point had kept a low profile broke free and joined the stronger front bunch. First over the line was Phil Preston followed by Tony Spark and Brian Long.

Results: 1. P Preston, 2. T Spark, 3. B Long, 4. J Bell, 5. G Spargo, 6. K Mansfield, 7. J Hilsdon, 8. C Judd.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.05.45.

Next week’s race will be a three lap handicap. Entries by 9.30 please.