9-11-14 49km 3 laps, Nobles Rd finish Larcombes Rd.
32 starters today at the Paraparap manor with a stiff southwesterly blowing. The limit pair of Ken Mansfield and Don Stuart were given a handy start to  the rest of the feild and 35 minutes to a strong scratch bunch. The bunches worked quite hard over the first lap with the 8 minute bunch of Shane Korth, David Spence, Peter McDonough, Peter Ladd and Vic Mason making the first catch being the 10 minute group with only Barry Clay and Mandy Hosking able to stay with them. The scratch group led by Xavier Coppock with Richard Buckwell and Daryl Burns tore down the road. They caught the 2nd scratch group early on the 2nd lap holding extremely high speeds over 55km/h at times. Meanwhile Ken and Don where getting help from a local kangaroo and were passed by the 8 minute group with some help from Barry and Mandy they took the lead of the race at the start of Nobles Rd passing John Bell. The scratch group powered past the rest of the feild with a little help also from Nick Oakley and Kane Airey with Xavier doing about 70% of the work. The 8 minute group stayed away for the win by 30 second over  the scratch group. David Spence started his sprint early after a strong ride for the whole race to beat Vic Mason and Mandy Hosking. Xavier led the scratch group out for a long lead into the strong head wind with Daryl Burns finishing well to take fastest time.
1st David Spence (1hr 20min 40sec  36.56km/h) 2nd Vic Mason 3rd Mandy Hosking 4th Shane Korth 5th Barry Clay 6th & fastest Daryl Burns (1 hrs 13mins 10 secs 40.21 km/h.) 7th Rick Buckwell 8th Nick Oakley 9th Tony French 10th Xavier Coppock.
With a third placing Mandy now overtakes Ross West for the club aggregate with not many races to go. Next week is the KVAdesign spring sash race. Thanks to all the marshals today.