On Wednesday December 9 a strong field of riders competed at the Paraparap circuit. The weather was fine and cool with a west to north west wind .The field was led away by Ken Mansfield and Dale Jennings followed 4 minutes behind by promising newcomers Kent Fuller and Murray Riggs. They had a 16 minute gap to the back markers. Scratch was a strong group comprising David Pike,Peter Ladd and Laurie Fitzsimons chasing the large field. Most bunches were in their original alignment through the first lap. Among the middle markers were some movers namely Kim Clarke, Colin Hooper, Paul Bird and Ray Hodgson. During the second lap the stronger were dominating and trying to improve their chances. Larger bunches were forming and the chase was on. Into the third lap and it became obvious that the scratch riders would break through the field. David Pike and Laurie Fitzsimons broke away up “misery lane” and were not overtaken. They were followed home by Kim Clarke and Paul Bird who had kept the back markers honest all through the race. David Pike finished off a fine season of racing as did Laurie Fitzsimons.

1 D. Pike 2 L. Fitzsimons 3.K. Clarke 4.P. Bird 5. P. Ladd 6 T. Spark 7 C. Hooper 8 R. Hodgson.

The 2015 Aggregate was taken out by David Pike with 76 points from John Bell on 53 and Terry Collie on 44.
Next week’s race will be our final for the season so let’s see a good roll up of past and present riders.

Registration by 9.30 please.