The committee hereby formally advises all members that as a result of a majority vote at last nights Annual General Meeting the club will be moving to formally change our club name from Geelong Veteran Cycling Club to Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club.

Members in attendance at last nights AGM overwhemingly voted in favour of a name change in removing the term “Veteran” from the club title and changing our name to better reflect the geographic regions and council shire zones that members predominantly race and live within.

After several months of discussion with club members, sponsors, and other key stakeholders the committee is of the strong belief that the timing of our club name change is both right and required so as to continue the growth of our member base and ensure the ongoing viability and strong future of our club

The committee would like to acknowledge and thank those members who have provided feedback over the past few months and in particular thank those members who vocally represented their for and against views in a respectful and inclusive manner at last nights meeting. The committee would like to reiterate and reassure all members that our 35 year history as a club is valued and extremely important. It is the committee’s abolute desire and commitment to retain and continually celebrate our history and to be proud of our ongoing affiliation with the Victorian and Australian Veteran Cycling organisations.

Please rest assured that none of this history or association will be lost or forgotten with the re-naming of our club. Indeed, the committee is of the firm belief that this change will only enhance and promote historical past achievements to future generations of riders for many years to come.

Please give a warm welcome and support to Marcus Coppock for accepting the secretary role and Laurie Fitzsimons and Nick Oakley for joining the committee. To work with the continuing members; Kane Airey (president), Ross West, (vice president), Paul Bird (treasurer) and John Bell, Colin Hooper, Carl Leahy and Richard Lyle. Dave Robinson will be continuing on as club handicapper.

Also a very big thanks to Rod Lambeith, Dave Phillips and Richard Buckwell for there efforts on the committee during the last year and many years before that. Their time spent on the committee for our club is highly appreciated. Over the coming weeks the club will be making the necessary ammendments to our club constition, logo and other brandings to reflect the new club name.

The committee thanks you in advance for embracing our new club name.