Another good turn out for some solid GVCC crit racing again last night. The weather conditions were great with the usual southerly blowing!
A Grade: 35Min. +2
The biggest field of the night and season so far. A very even and tough contest. It was hard to get away in a break as everyone was keen on keeping it all together. Tony Fench started the winning break with about two laps to go joined by Dave Warren. The rest of the group started chasing but Rick Buckwell was the only one to make the catch and also take a good win. Average approx 38.3km
1st Rick Buckwell, 2nd Dave Warren, 3rd Tony French. Other riders: Paul Barretta, Jeff Miller, Simon Whitcher, Darryl Sutter, Steven Richards, Kane Airey.
B Grade: 30 Min. +2
A good solid field making their race quite an effort and fast paced. New rider Mike Jelenco got excited early and started attacking after 2 laps. The group was quite determined and kept fighting and stayed together with some random attacking and efforts off the front. Some experienced showed over the last lap with a great sprint by Dave Spence closely followed by Mike and Jim Knott. Average approx. 35km
1st David Spence, 2nd Mike Jelenco, Jim Knott. Other riders: Carl Judd, Darren Williams, Vic Mason, Mandy Hosking.
C Grade: 25 Min +2
With a very keen and even field the group stayed together till the finish. Paul Ryan, John Hilsdon, and Joe Gulino did a great deal of the work swapping some very solid turns. Paul Ryan got the jump on the finish with a great sprint win.
D Grade: 25 Min +2
Sue Cox and trial rider Mick Barnes both enjoyed their solid paced ride while also avoiding the other faster groups. Sue Cox won with a very good finishing speed.
Thanks again for all who raced tonight, some good fun and safe racing by all. Thanks to Richard Buckwell Snr for setting up, Dave Robinson, Colin Hooper and Rob Nicholls for running the show. More riders would be good to improve the lower grade racing. So come along and give it a go. Same again next Thursday night. 6pm registration for 6.30 start. The races will be mixed up a bit over the next few weeks with team time trials and relay’s/madison races.