This Thursday night (5th of November) is round one of the ‘Clearwater Property Care’ summer crit series.

Racing will be graded for all grades A-E with prize money and prizes to all grades.

We would especially love to see some more D graders and even E graders to compete.

$10 entry for the series races to add some more prize money at the end.

Aggregate points awarded to all riders.

1st 10 points, 2nd 8, 3rd 7, 4th 6. 5th 5, 6th 4, 7th 2 8th 2 then one point to every other finisher.

Mid race sprint lap bonus points will also be available. 3, 2, 1.

The series is raced over 6 rounds, the worst two rounds will be dropped. This has been done as not everyone can make all 6 races.

Hopefully most can do 4 races of the 6.

Race lengths and circuits will be determined on the night. If we have bad weather the rounds will be moved forward to the next week.