Yesterday Supervets competed a three lap race of the Paraparap circuit. The day was dry with wind from the north-west. The field look encouraging with a good cross section of riders in all categories. The six strong ten minute group was the largest in the race with Richard Buckwell, Tony Spark and Chris Colley one minute behind.
The fifteen minute group of Andrew Thornton, Brian Long and John Watson kept the field at bay for two laps, but the larger chasing group which included Gordon Spargo, Ian Sumner and Terry Robinson aided by Tony Spark and Richard Buckwell lifted the pace in the third lap and soon had overtaken the out-markers Dale Jennings and Brian Farrell. Meanwhile the back-markers were maintaining a challenging pace with Peter Ladd, Bill McConnell and Carl Judd rapidly making up the lag time. They were well supported by the effort of Laurie Fitzsimons, Nick Brown and David Pike. A large group had assembled in the straight and a strong sprint from Carl Judd sealed the day. He was closely followed by Bill McConnell and Laurie Fitzsimons.

Results: 1. C Judd, 2. B McConnell, 3. L Fitzsimons, 4. T Spark, 5. P Ladd, 6. J Bell, 7. I Sumner, 8. G Spargo.

Fastest time: N Brown – 1.02.05.

Next week’s race will be a three lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.

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