On Wednesday August 13 Supervets raced over three laps of the Paraparap circuit. The weather was mostly fine with a cool steady breeze from the south west. Much of the drive during the race came from the middle markers with some strong support from back markers Laurie Fitzsimons and Rob Nicholls. A strong group namely Tina Stenos, Barry Clay and Alan Pescott gathered up the remnants of the field to form a very representative finish. Barry Clay proved the stronger on the day from Tina Stenos and Laurie Fitzsimons. Carl Judd recorded a creditable fastest time.


1. B Clay, 2. T Stenos, 3. L Fitzsimons, 4. R Buckwell, 5. A Pescott, 6. T Spark, 7. K Mansfield, 8. D Jennings.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.04.36

Next week’s race will be a handicap event over three laps.
Registrations by 9.30 please.