n Wednesday March 11 the Supervets raced a three lap handicap event at the Paraparap circuit. Near perfect conditions prevailed with a breeze from the north-west. A strong field of riders was led away by Andrew Kennon, Brian Long, Brian Farrell and Dale Jennings from sixteen minutes. Scratch bunch of Carl Judd, Bill McConnell and Laurie Fitzsimons challenged the two, six and eight minute bunches collecting the strongest riders as they worked through the middle of the field. Dennis Sonogan and Chris Colley supported this move and Barry Clay and Dave Phillips demonstrated some leadership for this growing bunch of strong riders. Meanwhile the sixteen minute outmarkers were gathered up by the stronger riders in the twelve minute bunch with Barry Primmer showing leadership and improved fitness well supported by Ray Hodgson and Ian Sumner. However, their dominance was short-lived as the chasing groups gathered all before them in the third lap. Barry Clay was first over the line followed by Dave Phillips and Dennis Sonogan who showed much improved form.

Results: 1. B Clay 1.08.42, 2. D Phillips, 3. D Sonogan, 4. B Primmer, 5. C Colley, 6. I Sumner, 7. C Judd, 8. B McConnell.

Fastest time: C Judd – 1.03.39 Av. 35.35 kph.

Next week’s race will be a three lap handicap.
Entries by 9.30 please.