There was another robust field at Paraparap yesterday as 23 keen riders took to the course under near ideal conditions. A strong representation of out-markers challenged the prudent field of back-markers. The handicapper had provided some challenging rides for both ends of the spectrum. Riders were led away by Kent Fuller and Ken Mansfield with a thirteen minute break to any meaningful riders. The “sleepers” were Andrew Thornton and Brian Long who were following close behind by four minutes. The rear guard scratch and back-markers including the two and six minute groups had the challenge ahead of them under the mild conditions and David Pike, Chris Judd and Peter Ladd failed to bridge the margin to the leaders for the most of the race. Andrew Thornton and Brian Long demonstrated their willingness to work as a team to ward off any challengers. Laurie Fitzsimons and Tina Stenos set the pace to chase the leaders and failed to close them down. John Bell and Ray Young and Richard Buckwell assisted the efforts of the middle-markers to bridge the deficit but they too failed and Andrew Thornton and Brian Long crossed the line together with Andrew winning by half a wheel.

Results: 1. A Thornton, 2. B Long, 3. R Young, 4. J Bell, 5. R West, 6. R Buckwell, 7. T Stenos 8. L Fitzsimons.

Fastest time: P Ladd – 1.02.45. Winner’s time: 1.25.24

Next week’s race will be a handicap event over three laps. Entries by 9.30 please.