One hundred entries arrived at Cororooke near Colac in perfect autumn conditions with a slight westerly blowing and an undulating 67km course. With 40 minutes from limit to the scratch bunch it was going to be a good day for the limit groups. The 9.30 group were the main movers of the day catching the three groups in front but with the leaders some way in front with 5km to go they were out of luck for the placings. The scratch group had a long day out only catching the next two groups near the end of the race. The third limit group hit the front of the race with about 6km to go and they worked really well to the finish sprint with 10 riders left. Geelong rider Jamie Robinson lead out the group with Andrew Booth timing his sprint well leave all in his wake. 2nd Tony Bramucci (N) 3rd Tina Stenos (GSCC) 4th Ray Hodgson (Eur) 5th Barry Wurlod (W) 6th Brian Long (GSCC) 7th Peter Neal (C) 8th Graeme Parker (Eur) 9th Diane Jane (Cv) 10th Jamie Robinson (GSCC). Fastest time: Darren Roberts. (N)