With 3 aggregate races left for the year it would appear Robbie Southern has done enough to ensure we can start inking his name on the honour board. Robbie currently sits out front on 40 pts and leads his closest rival Greg Hosking (23 pts) by 17 pts. Greg would need to win the last three races and Robbie not score at all. Not even Dusty would have been able to win this award as Robbie has been so dominant all season

So as we get to the pointy end of the season the fight is on for the minor placings. The top five standings are as follows;

1st Robbie Southern 40 pts, 2nd Greg Hosking 23 pts, 3rd Josh Williams & Nick Brown 21 pts, 5th David Lambourn & Marcus Coppock 20 pts


Click on link for the full aggregate table – 2017AggregateHandicapOct