A superb day was presented for the  60 odd riders who fronted for the 2016 Age Group Championships. With warm weather and light winds, good fields and keen riding many results came down to sprint finishes which could not be judged with the naked eye and needing a ‘print’ result.


Women 40-44 1st Jessica Douglas

Women 50-54 1st Tina Stenos, 2nd Jenny Denouden, 3rd Mandy Hosking15073468_1349321908411223_7270401893431562451_n

Men 35-39, 1st Josh Williams, 2nd Dan Hall.

Men 40-44 1st Noel Taylor, 2nd Paul Beretta, 3rd Craig Van Dort, with Steven Douglas.

Men 45-49 1st Gregory Hosking, 2nd Andrew Baker, 3rd Simon Whitcher, with Robbie Southern, Dave Warren, Tony French, Ian Amsden, Harvey Lang, Norm Douglas and Grant Edmonds

Men 50-54 1st Carl Leahy, 2nd Richard Buckwell, 3rd Neil Maurier, with Joe Gulino and Yani Dovjak

Men 55-59 1st Thys Heynes, 2nd Grant Rogers 3rd Nick Oakley, with Peter Hunt, Chris Fenech, David Spence and Vincent Haveaux, Brian Weppner, Vic Mason and Johnny Parrello

Men 60-64 1st Eddy Ziedaitis, 2nd Mark Cummings, 3rd Paul Rettke, with Paul Bird, Carl Judd, Peter McWaters, Phil Cox and Spiro Degenis

Men 65-69 1st David Pike, 2nd Bruce Sarah, 3rd Lew Target with Gordon Spargo, Neil Wilson and Alan Pescott

Men 70-74 1st Roger Cronk, 2nd Robbie Nicholls, 3rd David Phillips

Men 75-79 1st Tony Spark, 2nd Mel White, 3rd John Watson, with Ken Mansfield.

Men 80-84. 1st Brian Long

A big thank you to Ian Sumner for refereeing on the day and all the marshals who helped out, also Dave Robinson for working out all the grades and distances.