Andrew Baker


Name: Andrew Baker

Where were you born: Zimbabwe

Occupation: Lecturer

Family: Catherine (wife), Ben, Sophie and Isabelle

Favourite Sporting Teams: Green Edge, Sky, Wallaby’s

Favourite Athletes: Cycling, running

Favourite Movies: Lord of the rings

Favourite Music: Everything from Punk to Classical (except for Pop)

Favourite Food: India

Childhood Ambition: To be a farmer

Hobbies: Cycling, running, cooking


How long have you been riding? As long as I remember

When did you start racing? 3 years ago

What other sports have you been involved in? Running (long distance)

Age Group and Handicap mark – 45-49, usually scratch


Why did you join the club? To enjoy competing with like people

Do you have any goals to achieve? Heaps – Probably to win a handicap race

Your greatest racing achievement? Winning Most Aggressive Rider in last year’s Crit’s

Riding experiences:

Best? Getting under 3 minutes in the Prologue

Worst? Hitting a lamb near the end of a race

What’s your favourite training or social ride? Out to Bells, Torquay and back

How often do you ride?  Probably 5 times a week


Race Bike: Scott Foil

Training Bike: Evo

Other Bikes: Negotiating on a Quintanaroo TT bike

Dream Bike: More Scott’s (as they say the number of bike you should have is n+1)