Jessica Douglas

Tough mother

Jessica, one tough mother


This weeks rider profile Jessica is one of the clubs newest members and committee person. Her profile makes for interesting reading and for those who have ridden with her on the crit track and road and reckon she is one tough rider you may now understand where her mental and physical toughness comes from after reading this. Jessica’s most memorable ride leaves me shaking my head.

Jessica when not riding runs her own business and still has time to raise a family and looks after Norm. If you are interested in some cycling coaching, mentoring or want to know more about Jessica and all her achievements follow the links below;


Name: Jessica Douglas
Member since October 2015
Where were you born? Geelong
Occupation: Cycling Coach, MTB Skills coach, blogger, women’s cycling ambassador.
Family: husband Norm, daughter Saskia.
Favourite Sporting Teams: none
Favourite Athletes: Ordinary people who do extraordinary things
Favourite Movies: Pay It Forward and The Matrix
Favourite Music: absolutely anything from Van Morrison through to R&B and rap & Electronic Dance Music
Favourite Food: Chocolate and hot chips (not together)
Childhood Ambition: To be self-employed, working outdoors and adding value to people’s lives and the world
Hobbies: Riding bikes, sleeping, cooking, reading.
How long have you been riding? since I was 4
When did you start racing? My first crack at racing was at age 19 for a few years.  Then parenthood kicked in…12 years later went for next
What other sports have you been involved in? Aussie Rules Football – VWFL, Surf Boat Rowing, River Rowing, Field and Boundary Umpire for GFUL, Social basketball, mountain biking.
Age Group and Handicap mark?  40-44.  Now I am normally 3rd Scratch.
Why did you join the club?  Social side, and regular racing
Do you have any goals to achieve?  Race B grade and get fit for 2016
What’s your greatest racing achievement?  3 x world solo 24hr and 3 x Australian solo 24hr Mountain bike champions
Riding experiences:
Best? . Riding to my mums in Geelong when I lived in Forrest for Christmas lunch and rode home again. 300 km on Christmas day – EPIC and awesome.
Worst? Crashing on my face and smashing my teeth in costing me $14,000 on Jan 6th 2015. (see pic)
What’s your favourite training or social ride? A great Ocean road loop – 125km Lorne Forrest skenies
How often do you ride? Every single day, mostly 2 times, mtb, road and CX
Race Bike:  Liv Envie road bike
Training Bike:  Liv Cyclo Cross bike – she is a slow heavy beast.
Other Bikes:  2 mountain bikes that I race
Dream Bike:  I have them all!



Tough mother