Cold but fine mid winter conditions for the 27 racing cyclists at Paraparap on Sunday July 20. Forty-six kilometres out and back on Forest road and two laps of the Hendy Main road circuit was ahead of loan limit rider Ken Mansfield when he was waved from the start line 35 minutes ahead of the four scratch riders Richard Lyle, Brad Haskett, Steve Richards and Andrew Baker. Of the other five groups the 8 and a half minute group of Robbie Nicholls, Dennis Sonogan, Mandy Hosking and Jim Knott was the strongest riding through the 12 minute and 18 and a half minute groups before passing Ken Mansfield close to the finish. Mandy Hosking was the quickest in the sprint to the line to take the win. The scratch group had collected the 2 minute group very early on Forest road and the five minute group on the final ascent of the Forest road hill to assemble a powerful peloton which just failed to catch the group lead home by Mandy.
Veteran Cycling has a policy of allowing interested first time racing cyclists a “free” trial ride in a race. Today two trial riders John Parrello and Brian Weppner raced with John riding from the 12 minute group crossing the finish line first. As these riders are not club members they were not included in the results.

M.Hosking 1:19:00 Ave 34.9 km/hr, J.Knott, T.Stenos, D.Sonogan, C.Leahy, K.Airey, B.Haskett, A.Baker, M.Coppock. S.Richards.
Fastest time B.Haskett 1:10:57 Ave 39.1 km/hr