Thursday 7, January 2016

Crit racing fires up again for 2016 and here a few reminders before you hit the track

  1. make sure your cycling licence is current (most expired December) follow the link if you need to renew your licence at Victorian Veteran Cycling Council, riders will not be allowed to ride if they are not current
  2. please ensure your bike is in sound mechanical shape ie tyres are of good quality and have correct pressure, brake blocks and cleats are of good condition
  3. ensure that the helmet you are wearing meets Australian Standards and has the following sticker attached to it, periodic checks will be made of riders helmets to ensure they comply. It is an insurance requirement that helmets meet these standards and can result in a claim being rejected if it is found it does not meet current standards. Also click on this link to read up on helmet standards,


May the winds be kind on your return