This weeks 26 Questions is with Shane Korth, apparently he happiest on the bike when it’s fast & flat. Anyone who’s raced with him knows that if it’s flat, it’s going to be fast!!

Name: Shane Korth

Where were you born: Natimuk

Occupation: Sales Manager

Family: Wife Marcelle and children Xavier 10 and Isabelle 7

Favourite Sporting Teams: Essendon

Favourite Athletes: Michael Jordan,

Favourite Movies: Die Hard series / Star Wars

Favourite Music: U2

Favourite Food: Anything but Brussell sprouts and yellow squash

Childhood Ambition: To have a successful professional sporting career… Well I missed out on that one

Hobbies: Fishing, cycling, cricket, tennis, shooting


How long have you been riding? 3 years

When did you start racing? September 2014

What other sports have you been involved in? Cricket / tennis / football

Age Group and Handicap mark – 40 to 45 and usually around 2nd or 3rd scratch


Why did you join the club? To improve my fitness and speed on the bike

Do you have any goals to achieve? I would like to make scratch

Your greatest racing achievement? Yet to come

Riding experiences:

Best? .

Worst? Crashing after the finish line at my first race

What’s your favourite training or social ride? Anywhere fast and flat…

How often do you ride?  3 or 4 times a week weather permitting


Race Bike: Giant TCR Advanced

Training Bike: Giant TCR Advanced

Other Bikes: Giant Anthem 29er Mountain Bike

Dream Bike: Not sure yet