This week we’re back with Peter Wynne answering the 26 Questions (actually he sent the profile in December last year – sorry Peter!!)

We’ve had a couple come through but we’d love some more, so please keep them coming.

Name. Peter Wynne

Place of Birth. Bradford England

Occupation. Chemical Operator

Family. Jackie, Ethan, Laura and Charlie the dog.

Fav Sporting Teams. Leeds United, Greenbay Packers and Sky.

Fav Athletes. Cadel Evans, Robbie McEwen and Eddie Gray ( Leeds United)

Fav Movies. Star Trek and the 1st 3 Jason Bournes

Favourite Food. Pasta

Child Hood Ambitions. To play for Leeds United

Hobbies. Don’t have much time for them only Cycling and family duties.

Ridding History. I did ride as a kid but only started again in 2010 with an ambition to ride with the Lara Lads.

Started racing in 2013 with the GVCC if anybody can remember them.

I played football ( soccer) in England for 15 years with different local clubs and won a few cups and medals but was nether really that good.

Age group and handicap mark. 45/50 group c

Goals. Joined the GVCC to experience racing and to improve my bike skills.

I would like to be riding in B grad by the end of next year but don’t tell David Robbinson that.

Greatest cycling achievement. 2nd place in this years Geelong Open.

Best Riding Experience. The Geelong Open.

Worst Riding Experience. Being knocked down by a car in Oct 2014

Favourite Social Ride. The Lara Latte coffee run on a Sunday, over the hills in to Geelong for a coffee then a steady ride back which always turns into a solid effort come race by the end of it.


Race Bike. Trek Madone 3.1

Training Bike. Specialized Roubaix SL4 Lots of comfort on long training rides.

Others. A Trek 3700 MTB. Used mainly for family rides I still get a work out try to keep up

Dream Bike I don’t have a dream bike but I do have dream rides, I would love to ride in Italy.

PW02 PW02 PW01