This weeks 26 Questions is with a guy who started racing in 1952 – Donald Stuart.

I hope, like me, you love reading his story. I get a real kick out of hearing about people , like Donald, who are still passionate about our great sport after 65 years in the saddle.

Name: donald stuart

Where were you born: carlton .vic.

Occupation: retired instrument technician

Family: married, 3 adult children, 5 grand children

Favourite Sporting Teams: fitzroy football clud

Favourite Athletes: dawn fraser cadel evans

Favourite Movies: 2001 space odysey .the godfather

Favourite Music: latin jazz opera arias

Favourite Food: seafood

Childhood Ambition: be a racing cyclist

Hobbies: woodworking reading travelling


How long have you been riding? 65 years

When did you start racing? 1952

What other sports have you been involved in? tennis

Age Group and Handicap mark – 75 limit


Why did you join the club? To be part of it and to race with my son

Do you have any goals to achieve? Improve my race speed

Your greatest racing achievement? Footscray a cc road and track aggreate 1957

Riding experiences:

Best? . 19 great victorian bike rides

Worst? Almost being hit by a4wd

What’s your favourite training or social ride ? Federation cycling trail22

How often do you ride? 2-3 days a week


Race Bike: scott pro

Training Bike: hillman 1991 531 reynolds tubing

Other Bikes: hybrid mountain bike

Dream Bike : dont have any

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