This rider profile is with one of our newest members, Darren Williams. Although he’s only been with the club for a short time his enthusiasm for racing is already well known.

Name: Darren Williams

Where were you born: Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Project Manager

Family: Married with 2 kids

Favourite Sporting Teams: Brisbane Lions (Born Fitzroy Supporter!) and Team Sky

Favourite Athletes: Jokke Sommer, (Norwegian Base Jumper and Wingsuit Pilot, very inspiring person)

Favourite Movies: Modern Day Bond Films

Favourite Music: Anything with a good beat

Favourite Food: Wood fired Pizza…my own!

Childhood Ambition: To travel

Hobbies: Family, Cycling and Windsurfing


How long have you been riding? Since February this year (2014)

When did you start racing? 19th October 2014 – Red Rock Classic in Colac

What other sports have you been involved in? Football, Windsurfing, Surfing, Sailing and Cycling

Age Group and Handicap mark – 40-45yrs, B Grade in Crits, 4.30 minutes Last Road Race


Why did you join the club? To meet like-minded people and improve my riding

Do you have any goals to achieve? Ride with the scratch group and stay with them …. One day not too far away I hope!

Your greatest racing achievement? So far 4th in the Jack Griffin, 2nd at the Crits

Riding experiences:

Best? First race at Colac – was a ‘Baptism of Fire’ and Cycling on a new level – Awesome!

Worst? Being dropped ANYTIME

What’s your favourite training or social ride? Past Bells and up Jarosite, Aireys Inlet and Lorne, Ceres

How often do you ride?  As often as I can while staying in contact with the family


Race Bike: Pinnarello FP3

Training Bike: Only got one!

Other Bikes: Old Ridgeback Mountain Bike

Dream Bike: Pinnarello F8