This weeks rider under the microscope is long time member Joe Gulino.

Have had a great response to the rider profile request but please keep them coming in.


Name: Joseph Gulino

Where were you born: Geelong

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Family: Wife June ,Children Nick,Martina,Sam, Renee, Ethan .

Favourite Sporting Teams: Hawthorn, Old Team Telekom Early Nineties

Favourite Athletes: Any Disabled Human Being having a go!

Favourite Movies: War types, American Civil, WW1&2.

Favourite Music: Not Loud Headbanging Doof Doof Type. Enjoy U2, Ed Sheeran.

Favourite Food: Homemade Meat Balls “Polpette”

Childhood Ambition: To have a Farm with my Italian Grandfather

Hobbies: A little bit of Cycling, Gardening, Shooting,


How long have you been riding? 45 yrs

When did you start racing? Way back at Geelong with Jack Griffin running Trials around Geelong 1996 Then joined Vets in 1998

What other sports have you been involved in? Little League Aussie rules, Soccer, Baseball,Volley Ball, Clay Target Shooting, Netball

Age Group and Handicap mark – 51, Where ever the worlds Greatest handicapper puts me ( Usually in the wrong Bunch 😉 )



Why did you join the club? A good friend of mine encouraged me to ( G.Benson)

Do you have any goals to achieve? Race for long as I can. (Work in Progress)

Your greatest racing achievement? 7th in the Campy to Warnambool. Thanks Mandy Not

Riding experiences:

Best? . Charity Ride for Make AWISH Foundation Adelaide to Geelong. 2004

Worst? Vets Race prior to Easter 200? Crashed, Fractured Hip and Missed Racing at Maryborough, Closely Followed by Trying to Demolish Drive Thru Bottlo at Maryborough with my Bike.

What’s your favourite training or social ride? Check out Strava! (OK, Leopold to Shell? Ed)

How often do you ride?  Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Sunday and some Saturday’s Check out Strava. (we did 13,486kms YTD – impressive!! Ed)


Race Bike: Wilier Motirolo

Training Bike: Reid Falco

Other Bikes: Wilier Trieste, Olmo Sportsman, Hasa MTB.

Dream Bike: Wilier Gran Turismo