The Geelong and Surf Coast Cycling Club held a Melbourne Cup on Wheels to celebrate the occasion. It was hosted by the GSCC Supervets in place of their usual weekly event. A strong field of 55 riders included some outstanding veterans from other clubs as well as the strongest from our local area. The weather was perfect with a light breeze from the south-east. The race was led away by the 27 minute pair of Dale Jennings and Ken Mansfield followed 9 minutes later by Mel Cole, Ken Fuller and John Randall. Much of the early pace was set by the 11 and 14 minute bunches who formed a strong group early in the second lap. Ray Clifford, Alan Pescott, John Bell and Mel White contributed to the pursuit of the limit riders with Mel White from the 18 minute group able to withstand the attacks and feature in the finish. Meanwhile the 3, 5 and 8 minute bunches were fighting out the middle ground and the hot pace proved too fast for some. The scratch and 1.3 minute riders led by Rick Buckwell were making up the time gap in the final lap. However, the strength of the middle-markers prevailed on the day and Alan Pescott, Ray Clifford and John Bell took the honours having driven the pace from the early stages of the race. The weather conditions favoured a fast race and this proved to be the case with Rick Buckwell taking out fastest time.

Results: 1. A Pescott, 2. R Clifford, 3. J Bell, 4. T Spark, 5. J Clifton, 6. M White, 7. C Shay, 8. J Robinson, 9. P Bubb, 10. M Cole.

Fastest time: R Buckwell – 56.57. Winner’s time: A Pescott – 1.07.10.

Thanks to the Referee & Marshals and for the Photo’s Kane & Mandy

Next week’s race will be a three lap handicap event. Entries by 9.30 please.