It a close tense fight for the club aggregate shield in 2015 with one aggregate race remaining on the 6th December.
After Shane Korth’s powerful win last week, his second in four races he has made the title chase now out of 5 .
Who will be the eventual winner of the GSCC 2015 aggregate prize?
Can John Bell hold on for one more race after his stunning start to the season?
Will the scratch guys get behind Dave Warren to help him take the win?
Or will the middle markers work out a way to beat them both for the overall win to go to Shane Korth, Darren Williams or James Stuart?
Then there the fight for the top three with Jim Knott, Ross West ans Lance Rogers hot on everyone’s heals.
Shane and John are the only ones to take a win in the top 6.
John hasn’t been in the placings since May.
One last exciting battle to be done!

Full Placings attached

GSCC 2015 AGGREGATE 151114