Gvcc held the Hendry’s cycling combine with riders from colac and warrnambool today in perfect conditions. With 68 starters the large bunches stayed stretched out for most of the race in the calm conditions. Third limit (19min group) combined well for the day catching the two groups in front on the last lap along Hendy Main Rd. They had some very tough attacks up misery Lane for last time breaking up the leading feild. The winner Brett Worrell and the forever young & best dressed Dennis Sonnogan broke away for well deserved win and second placing.. Scratch rode very tough and fast for the whole race but only being able to catch 2nd scratch. Nick Kennedy from colac won fastest time.

1st Brett Worrell (w) 35kmh, 2nd Dennis Sonnogan (g), 3rd Phillip Preston (g), 4th Gerrard Hickey (c), 5th Paul Allen (c), 6th Garry Legg (c) 7th James Stuart (g), 8th Len Murfett (c), 9th Terry Noonan (w), 10th Peter Theodore (c). Fastest time Nick Kennedy (c) 41kmh.

A special thanks to race referee Richard Buckwell, all the marshals that helped and volunteered on the day. Diane Howdan for all her prep work in the kitchen and the race photos, Norma Phillips for her help in the kitchen. Shane Korth for the great raffle prize donation and lastly Dave Robinson for all his stress and worry setting the handicapping. And Hendry Cycles for their continued support of this event. Also we wish a speedy recovery to Andrew Baker who has a bit less skin after his very unlucky and unfortunate accident near the end of the race.

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